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Monday, November 1, 2010

All You Need Is Love!

     I don't like to talk too much about religion publicly. It's so easy to offend people of different faiths, and you know the last thing I ever want to do is offend people. I do, however, think that there are some universal truths that people of all faiths can agree on. Like love, for example. I think we can all agree that love is a good thing. One of the most powerful things in the universe. I call it a thing because I have no doubt of its existence. Scientifically speaking, what is love? To exist, something must be matter or energy. We can define love as a combination of thoughts and feelings directed towards another individual. Our thoughts can be measured as firing neurons in our brains and quantified by machines as electrical impulses, or moving energy. Thereby, I think it's safe to define love as energy.  There is so much that we still don't understand of the human body and mind, but we DO know that our bodies give off and receive energy. If love is an energy, then it is possible for our bodies to radiate love. (One could carry this further spiritually to define this love energy  as God's light, The Holy Spirit, Qi, Chi, Kundalini, Buddah, White Light, Goddess energy, etc....whatever you the confines of one's faith allow. But to keep it universal, I will from this point on refer to it as "Love Energy.")  

     Anyway, I think that it's plausible to say that we as humans emit Love Energy. Clearly, some people "light-up a room" and mysteriously capture the attention of everyone in it because they seem to radiate love. Some people just energize us by being close to us or by the slightest physical contact. Those people are truly special, and we are fortunate if we have them in our lives, but I think we all have the ability to send out Love Energy to others. All we really have to do is think about it. The thought itself is the energy. I believe that when I think about someone and wish them well, that love is sent out into the universe. We can certainly focus this energy by focusing our thoughts in meditation or prayer. This can be VERY powerful, but all too often we find our busy lives cause us to make excuses not to meditate or pray. Maybe this is you. I know that it's all too often me. But we don't always have to engage in some sort of ritual to see the power of Love Energy. If every loving thought sends out Love Energy, all we have to do to make a difference in the world is to think loving thoughts about other people. Every loving thought adds a drop in the proverbial bucket that is the universe.

     With that in mind, words become even more powerful. When we say something loving out loud, we send out the thought energy and then create sound energy. When we write out thoughts down, they become something tangible that exist in space and time in addition to invisible Love Energy. What I'm saying is that thoughts have power. Words have power. Our thoughts and words travel away from us into the world. Think of the difference YOU can make by simply engaging in a few positive loving thoughts and words every day. Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I don't know about you, but the changes I want to see in the world can be made possible if there was just a little more love. Okay, a lot more love.

So I am sending Love Energy out to you through cyberspace.
May everyone who reads this experience the  love with which it was intended!     
Be well. Be Happy. Give Love!

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