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Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Can Rain On My Parade, But I'll Only Sing Louder!

I'm standing in the rain again.
              I watch the droplets fall.
                           My makeup washes down my chin,
                                     Clothes cling to my goosebumped flesh.
                                               My hair sitcks to my neck.
                                                I am exposed.
                                                           I'm standing in the rain again.
                                                               Teardrops stain my cheeks.
                                                                      The walls are crumbling.
                                                                          The roof is leaking.
                                                                               I can smell the growing mold.
                                                                                     I am lost.
                                                                 I'm standing in the rain again.
                                                    I cannot make it stop.
                                       Children are crying.
                                         The government's lying.
                              And my tea is getting cold.
                  I am helpless.
I'm standing the rain again.
                I can't see the road ahead.
                          It twists and turns.
                                   My socks are wet.
                                       All I can do is walk.
                                                    I am walking.
                                                        I'm walking in the rain again.
                                                               Not sure what's round that bend.
                                                                                One step closer to the light.
                                                                                          I hear a song of Grace.
                                                                                         It is Amazing.                                                     
                                                                                 I am singing.
                                                               I'm singing in the rain again,
                                                             As I'm often apt to do.
                                                       The harder it pours,
                                                  The louder I sing.
                                             I will not be drowned out.
                                I'm laughing at the rain again as I travel the road less taken.
                                        I will not be forsaken.
                              Do not be mistaken.
                You can not hold me down.
The twists, the turns, the aching burn of doubt and fear of the dark.
                                      These things make me pause, but I won't serve their cause.
                                              I will walk. I will laugh.
                                                      I will dance and I'll sing on this long and winding road.
                                   Sometimes it will rain.
                                               Sometimes I'll feel pain, but I'll never lay down my load.
       For I know in the end, when I turn that last bend my Home will be warm and dry.
And I'll remember the love and the hurt and the pain and the lessons I was slow to learn.
And I'll have no regrets for the life that I led as I sang and I danced in the rain.             

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